Universal Soldier Nootropic


Universal Soldier Nootropic

Nootropics are well-known compounds that enhance cognitive performance and health.

They’re routinely used to improve:



And, there’s been a tidal wave of nootropic supplements to hit the market over the past few years.

However, the vast majority of these products are complete and utter garbage. Sure, they might claim to be a nootropic, but in reality they’re nothing more than some caffeine and a pixie-dusting of prominent cognitive enhancers like Alpha GPC, Huperzine and Bacopa Monnieri. 

In true Apollon Nutrition fashion, we saw a niche of the supplement industry that begged for correction, and this led us to the development of UNIVERSAL SOLDIER!

UNIVERSAL SOLDIER is what every nootropic/productivity supplement claims to be but rarely lives up to -- a true nootropic to boost memory, focus, learning, creativity, motivation, and attention.

What you can expect from Universal Soldier

  •  Increased energy & focus†
     Greater mental clarity & productivity†
     Strong, long-lasting focus & attention†
     Heightened awareness & recall†
     Amplified cognitive performance†
     Zero fillers, jitters or crash.†

Supplement Facts

Universal Soldier Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Get Shit Done!

You take this before work and it helps your lazy ass to get moving and your brain to focus on getting shit done

Get Shit Done!

You take this before work and it helps your lazy ass to be productive and your brain to focus on doing things and getting shit done

Nice little nootropic

Pretty solid energy, nothing too overwhelming. There is a very tangible sensation of alertness and focus which is definitely not just caffeine. The biggest shortfall of this supplement is that it does not last very long. After 3 hours the effect wears off, and every time this happens it makes me want to nap. If I was to use this for work I would need to re-dose at least twice to carry me through the day. Can be used as pre when hitting the gym in the evenings as after 3 hours you will have no issue sleeping. If the effects lasted 6 hours or more this supplement would definitely deserve a 5 rating because of the focus and clean energy that it provides.