Shipping Delays

Because of everything going on with COVID-19, it has become very common for packages to be delayed. All shipping carriers have been struggling and have even written on their websites to allow for a couple extra days than expected. 

With that being said, we ship everything out same business day. If your package says otherwise, it is because USPS did not initially scan your packages. Or your item is a pre order. If it is a pre order or says it will ship at a later date, then it will ship as such.

We also want to say that we are losing money on shipping costs on top of all of the other costs, so you do not have to pay a significant amount for your shipping.

If your package is delayed several days to a week, we will gladly refund the difference in cost between first class and priority (if you chose Priority Mail) and offer a extra 5% off coupon if you chose First class Package.

Please be understanding and mindful of this.

-Supps Central