Terms of Service

Below is a short list of our terms of services regarding our return policy and such:

1.) Wrong Address - If the wrong address is entered and your product is delivered to that address, Supps Central is not responsible for that order and is not required to issue a refund nor a replacement order. Google Autocomplete Address is applied to our code so there is a minimal chance of entering the wrong address. Forcing in your address may lead to a wrong address.

2.) Return Policy - Unfortunately, returns are not allowed for our items. Since we are selling pre workouts and fat burners, once opened, they are useless. If you purchase the product you are looking for, we assure you there will be no reason to return. The products arrive in pristine condition and a very distant expiration date. If the seal is somehow opened when the product arrives (which is extremely unlikely), it is because of the travel and is still good to use.

*By purchasing any product from our site, you agree to these conditions*

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at suppscentral@gmail.com