Dark Labs HEROLEAN (Original Formula!)


Dark Labs Herolean Fat Burner / Pre Workout

Herolean is the ultimate fat burning and energy matrix that will make you sweat like never before. With ingredients like DMHA at 200 mg, you are in for the ride of your life.

If you like supplements that are loaded on stims, this one is for you.

What you can expect from Herolean

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Increased Energy
  • Mood Elevation
  • 30 full, hard hitting servings

What is in Herolean?

Herolean is made up of a bunch of the most hard hitting stimulants such as DM*A, DMHA, and Alpha Yohimbine.

All of these different ingredients come together to form one of the most intense fat burners I have ever tried.

Herolean is going to give you everything a fat burner should: appetite suppression, good energy, and ultimately fat loss.

How strong is Herolean?

Well, it is VERY strong. Herolean is not a beginner fat burner / pre-workout.

It hits hard from the first few minutes and will not let go.

If you are looking for an intense experience with the benefits of crazy appetite suppression and energy, you are in for a ride!

Darks Labs Herolean Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Kaygen York
Stim junkie 4L

Hard hittin shit and very sweaty but great energy, euphoria, and focus

Samantha McCoy
HeroLean is King

This is my all time fav pre that gets me in the zone to dominate whatever I do.

Jen Byrd
Absolutely love it

I am the real deal when it comes to stim junkie!!! I have tried everything wasted so much money!!! Herolean is the best!!!!

Terri Shepherd
Too strong but I asked for it

Hey sorry I tried it once and almost went into cardiac arrest. I only took a pinch of this stuff so idk but I think it is really just my body. I'm still relatively new to the stim junkie scene but yeah I must admit this stuff is undoubtebly strong but unfortunately not for me personally. Still got the whole tub might try and give it to one of my stim junkie friends but with fair warning lol.

Stim Junkies Only

This isn't for any normies. If you are a stim junkie it might not be for you either hahaha.

If you want to forget what hunger feels like and start sweating as if you are in the Sahara doing a sprint being chased by a camel driving a atv listening to sandstorm...this boi is it.

If starting off don't take a full scoop unless you have the rest of the day off. This hits very hard and I'm not talking about the bass. This on some final destination levels of hits.

Do less then half a scoop to see how you and stomach feel about this. Slowly increase from there. It has everything you could ever want the energy the hunger stopping power the sweats transcendence focus yup this does it all.

The flavors :
The red one (tropical punch) taste like fire. It's like when the energy drink cocaine back a few years ago when redbull was king. Same feeling burns all the way down. Once body digest it be prepared.

To me this 10/10 it does it all of you have a calorie restriction in place or at maint you are solid with this. I don't think any other pre needed if on this seriously don't mix and match.

Easily one of the best supps in quite some time of you can handle it.