Stim Shady Pre Workout [OG]


Frenzy Labz Stim Shady Pre Workout 

With one of the most creative names in the pre workout world, Stim Shady from Frenzy Labz is coming in hot also on the label front. With the celebrated stimulant AMP Citrate a good dose of caffeine and a bunch of awesome focus ingredients, this is the strongest pre workout this brand brought to market so far! 

Stim Shady Experience Highlights

  • Smooth Energy
  • Productive Focus
  • Motivational mood
  • Great Flavors 

Our take on Stim Shady

Will the real Stim Shady please stand up? Let us tell you something, if you like smooth in the zone energy, with a clear mood elevation mixed with solid focus and you don't like heart racing, nose leaking side effects, you'll like stim shady. 

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  • Caffeine: 400mg for you stim junkies out there
  • Glycerol: 2g for muscle volume (pumps...)
  • AMP Citrate: 300mg - mood elevation & focus
  • Beta-Alanine: 3.2g for all the endurance, stamina, and tingles
  • Hordenine: 30mg great ingredient to tie all the stims together

If you liked Demolish by Frenzy Labz, you'll LOVE Stim Shady, if you didn't like Demolish, you'll LOVE Stim Shady :) Said otherwise, we think this is the best pre-workout Frenzy labs ever made. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Unique without a doubt!

Stim Shady by Frenzy Labz is such a good, unique experience. I didn't know what to expect given the uncommon nature of some of the ingredients on label. This was my first experience with AMP and it did not disappoint. I find it hits best at 3/4 serving. Clean energy, mood enhancement, and creative motivation are all positive effects that i notice. At 1/2 scoop I do feel a crash a few hours after taking it. Full scoop is solid... very enjoyable but not entirely necessary for me. I like that I can get the benefits while using less and making the tub last longer. I use it 2x a week at the most.

Totally works!

One of the better pre-workouts I've tried. Works for me.

Tomas Cepanonis

Cuz your body will get used to it quickly. However you feel like Eminem whilst ŵorking out. Decent product overall but don’t‘just use it every day and abuse it- your body will get used to ingredients very quickly then. Save it for special occasions in the week. Love it though

Peter A Ludeking
Ready for mom's spaghetti..

This pre has a really nice overall get up and go and tranquility I would say if used 2-3 times a week you have the best effect .. for me it was a scoop in the morning and even that evening I had alertness and focus.

Rolando Ruiz
This is my new favorite!

I love Stim Shady!! It is not too much to handle. I forget that Im in the gym sometimes and want to dance and party! I have been looking for a new favorite since 'Dark Energy' and this is it!!!!!!!!