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Superhuman Supreme Flavor
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Limited time! Buy SuperHuman Supreme & Get OMEGA 3 FREE for a YEAR!

That's a $59.99 worth of FREE Omega 3 (5 x 90 servings) and one of the top ranked stim junkie pre-workouts or one great price!

About Essential Omega 3

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that your body can’t make itself, so you have to get from your diet. It’s found naturally in fish oil — meaning it can be difficult to get enough of it from what you eat alone.

Key Benefits
  • An essential fatty acid
  • EPA and DHA support normal heart health1
  • Also support normal brain function1
  • 90 servings per bottle

Superhuman Supreme Pre Workout

Superhuman Supreme pre workout from Alpha Lion is a harder-hitting, stim junkie of its counterpart, Superhuman.

With a bunch of strong stimulants, get ready for a wild ride.

What you can expect from Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme

  • Hard-Hitting Energy
  • Clean Focus
  • Increased Pumps
  • Delicious Flavors

Supplement Facts

Stim & Health Stack Supplement Facts

FDN Superhuman Supreme Pre Workout Review

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great products great value

I enjoy the flavor and effectiveness of Superhuman supreme. I like the value and dose of the omegas. Compared with buying quality omegas this is a no-brainer. You are basically getting an incredible value, pretty much a BOGO.

Darrel D
Supreme health

Come on! One of my favorite pre-workouts and free Omega for a year? no time to think. pulled the trigger and love it