Russian Power Pre Workout


Russian Power Pre Workout 

The highly anticipated Russian preworkout THE POWER has finally arrived. 

So what’s it like?

Make no mistake, THE POWER is not for beginners.  It kicks in FASTHARD and TAKES HOLD of your workout – specifically your power output.  Unlike other hard hitting preworkouts, your breathing will be affected, but in a good way.  Instead of shortness of breath, THE POWER opens your breathing in a way like we’ve never experienced from any preworkout.   

This is NOT a  feel good, hit the clubs all night type of product.

THE POWER is the ultimate power-load, own the gym PR destroyer.  The energy will easily go beyond your workout so we do not recommend taking this at night – unless you plan on NOT going to bed.  Lastly, one of our favorite parts:  NO WEIRD SIDE EFFECTS!  No anxiety, depression, chills or discomfort really of any type….just clean, long lasting get shit done energy!

What you can expect from Russian Power

  • Crazy Power & Energy
  • Dialed In Focus 
  • Solid Pumps
  • Nice Flavor

Supplement Facts

Russian Power Pre Workout Supplement Facts

Power Pre Workout Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Wesley Berryhill
Messed me up a bit

A lot of pre workouts don’t work for me so I thought maybe a whole scoop wouldn’t hurt but it did made me throw up but that was my fault I took less then half a scoop a week later and I loved it very good product

Jonathan Chamberlain
Russian Power…..

This is absolutely the most intense pre workout I have taken since the original Jack3d back in 2011. As far as the feeling of being stronger, the weight doesn’t feel as heavy when I am bench pressing. I don’t get that OMG this is freaking heavy even if the weight is more than I can lift. Now the energy and focus is extreme, way more than the Jack3d was. I don’t recommend taking this in the afternoon because it will keep you wide awake for 5+ hours. I only use this on Sunday mornings when doing bench.

TODD Matelski

My body has gotten used to high stim products but this one was like taking one for the first time again! I would recommend definitely if you have a high tolerance for these type of pre workouts

noel sison

This pre work out is fire! The energy sky rockets within minutes. I get through an 2 hour 4am session with ease!

James Willams

Russian Power Pre Workout