Panda x Gorilla Pre-Workout | Limited edition


Panda Supps x Blackmarket Pre Workout

Panda Supplements and Blackmarket have partnered to introduce a unique and exclusive pre-workout product. This limited edition blend features clinically proven effective ingredients that provide optimal energy, focus, and pump, empowering you to unleash your maximum potential during your workout.

Collab pre workout highlights:

  • Smooth long lasting energy
  • Tunnel vision focus
  • Solid pumps
  • Zero crash
  • Amazing flavors

Supplement Facts

  • Pumps - L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 - 10,000 MG,  Betaine Anhydrous - 2,500 MG, Pink Himalian Salt - 500mg 
  • Focus - Eria Jarensis - 150mg, L-Tyrosine - 1000 MG, Alpha GPC - 600 MG, Lion's Mane - 500 MG
  • Energy - Caffeine (2 types) - 400MG, Theobromine - 350mg


Pre Workout Reviews

*Citrulline Malate 2:1 - 10,000 mg: Boosts nitric oxide production, leading to increased blood flow, improved muscle pumps, and better nutrient delivery.

*Betaine Anhydrous - 2,500 mg: Supports improved exercise performance, strength, and power output.

*Pink Himalayan Salt - 500 mg: Provides essential electrolytes to help maintain proper hydration and muscle function during workouts.

*Eria Jarensis - 150 mg: An intense stimulant that enhances energy, focus, and mood during training.

*L-Tyrosine - 1,000 mg: A nootropic that promotes mental clarity, focus, and cognitive performance, reducing the impact of stress on workouts.

*Alpha GPC - 600 mg: Enhances cognitive function and may improve mind-muscle connection for better performance.

*Lion's Mane - 500 mg: Supports brain health and cognitive function, potentially improving focus and concentration during exercise.

*Caffeine from 2 different sources - 400 mg: Boosts energy levels, alertness, and endurance for enhanced workout performance.

*Theobromine - 350 mg: Provides longer-lasting energy and improved cardiovascular function during exercise.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
James Stapleton
Great stuff!

I was very hesitant at first but after the first scoop, I was hooked! The focus, and the stimulant got your ass in gear for some great pumps, reps and heavy ass weights! Can’t go wrong with this one at all!!!

Ben Blue
Great product

Absolutely stacked formula. Love the focus and pump. Energy is mediocre for me, but will prob hit others a lot harder (I have a stupid tolerance). The formula is extremely well rounded and properly dosed with the key ingredients.

Dana Black

The focus i have on this is unreal. This pre gives me just enough energy but gets me so dialed in. Incredible nootropic effect that adds to the energy feeling. most productive workouts that get when i take this. 10/10

Javier Lainez
Very good

It Gave me a sense of euphoria that no other pre workout had given me.