Lullaby Sleep Aid


Muscleforce Lullaby Sleep Aid

Fall asleep more easily and quickly + Stay asleep through the night + Promote higher-quality deep sleep = Wake up feeling rejuvenated*

Sleep is like nutrition for the brain. The better sleep you get, the better you feel when you wake up. The worse sleep you get, the worse you feel when you wake up. Lullaby is the sleep-aid of your dreams.

Lullaby was designed to help you get the absolute most out of your sleep at night. It can help you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed with energy to conquer your day and help you perform your best in your day-to-day life..

What you can expect from Lullaby

  • Quick Hit
  • Delicious Flavors
  • Great Sleep

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Lullaby Sleep Aid Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best sleep aid I’ve used

Lights out in 15-20. Deep restful sleep. Does a good job of turning my brain off

Marco Rivera
Good night!

Awesome product that not only helps you go to sleep it keeps you asleep.

RH Turner
It works.....sort of

It's not going to KNOCK YOU OUT....which I think is what I REALLY need in my life, but it will help you get sleepy. I used a VERY generous scoop and I never felt like it was as strong as the marketing makes it seem. Again...may just be me and my current level of stress and whatever.

Tomas Cepanonis
Not the best

Body got used to it after x5-6 uses, i wasn’t even using it often. HYPNOS was 100% better for me. JUST A PERSONAL OPINION.HOWEVER,IT DID GIVE ‘good, CRAZY dreams.. I didn’t know I was there, sort of. I guess a good gym day + smashing myself then not having stuff on your mind helps.. lullaby sort of helped me to chill out. Thx, but I feel like it could be slightly better.. however I wish I slept longer on some days.. (couldn’t, ‘work’.