Legion Extreme Fat Burner


Centurion Labz Legion Fat Burner

You may have heard of Centurion Labz because of their awesome pre workout: God of Rage. Now comes their all-new Legion Fat Burner.

Get ready for one hell of a ride with Centurion Labz Legion.

What you can expect from Legion Fat Burner

  • Strong Appetite Suppression
  • All-Day Energy
  • Boost in Focus
  • Thermogenesis Effect

Supplement Facts

Legion Extreme Fat Burner Supplement Facts

Legion Extreme Fat Burner Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Hideky Cabrales
Amazing Results!!!

It delivers holy smokes the hunger suppression is crazy I have to force myself to eat 😜

Zekial Ware
Best of the best

Woo! 1 capsules with my other daily vitamins and a zero sugar energy drink. I find myself leaving for work feeling pretty positive. Woo! 2 capsules with everything stated above, I find myself on another level, I can’t wait to get to work and get started and get done. I’m afraid to take this at the gym with my pre workout!! It would probably be a Spartan race instead of a workout for me hahaha. Lot’s of sweating and I still eat through the food suppression because it’s a mindset for me.

Loosing it

Centurion never lets me down, What ever product it is.

Donna Jordan

Legion Extreme Fat Burner

It's The Brother Of Thermal Spark

Wired, euphoria, energy, appetite suppression, and sweats for at least 9 hrs+ on two caps! Wouldn't even be able to tell the difference between this and thermal spark, wonderful experience.