Legion Extreme Fat Burner [Original Version!]


Centurion Labz Legion Fat Burner 

You may have heard of Centurion Labz because of their awesome pre workout: God of Rage. Now comes their all-new Legion Fat Burner.

Get ready for one hell of a ride with Centurion Labz Legion.

What you can expect from Legion Fat Burner

  • Strong Appetite Suppression
  • All-Day Energy
  • Boost in Focus
  • Thermogenesis Effect

Supplement Facts

Legion Extreme Fat Burner Supplement Facts

Legion Extreme Fat Burner Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
The Best!

The Best!

Sweat Buckets

Took a full serving (2 caps) on an empty stomach for my first time. I was sweating nonstop for about 4-5 hours just hanging out at home/doing chores. I would suggest keeping a towel or two nearby. The alpha yo gives me cold sweats every time and I feel my temperature drop, my hands get cold when I use this stuff. I know these supplements can affect everyone differently, but I don’t see how anyone can just take this for “some energy” and expect to go about their day or go to their job normally. These are hardcore (and I have previous experience with Chaos and Pain’s Red Sky Thermogenic. This is a similar experience, and possibly even more intense. Even 1 capsule should be plenty.

Gets going and no jittery

I like it i thought it would be overwhelming but shoot its i what i need i dont see why people say they feel sensitive on this thing i would even says its not enough and i even have my fair share of sleep

Eric Bredeson

This stuff kills my appetite which is the number one thing I look for in a fat burner. It also puts me in a good mood. Tons of energy and focus. Would recommend 100%.

Florencio Canez
Great stuff

Legion fat burner is awesome. 2 pills hit in about 15minutes with long lasting energy that last just about all day. There is also a sense of euphoria. Too bad they are scrapping this version. Looks like they always get rid of what really works to way less quality and quantity. This version was 120caps with 2amino. The new version is 45caps without 2amino. Old school pre workouts used to contain the real stuff DMAA and were 30servings. Now we get the inferior DMHA with 20servings. Greed, need I say more?