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Flame Pre Workout

From the creators of Crack Pre Workout, Flame Pre Workout has arrived. Dark Labs Flame is a complete stim junkie pre workout that arguably hits even harder than the infamous Crack.

With more hard-hitting stimulants like Alpha Yohimbine at 1.5 mg and Hordenine at 75 mg, Flame Pre Workout is a stim junkie's paradise. 

Get ready for one of the most hardcore experiences available.

What you can expect from Dark Labs Flame Pre Workout

  • Crazy Energy
  • Laser Focus
  • Immediate hit

Dark Labs Flame Ingredient Label

How does Flame Pre Workout compare to Crack?

  • Flame has 75 mg of Hordenine for overall better endurance/performance.
  • Flame has 1.5 mg of Alpha Yohimbine for a harder hit and fat-burning effect.
  • Flame has 10 mg for better absorption throughout the intake process.
  • Flame has 300 mg of DMHA for a similar or possibly better focus experience than Crack
  • Flame has 500 mg of Eria Jarensis for Mood Elevation and Euphoria during the workout.

FDN Flame Pre Workout Review

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Joe Sciba
Good Stuff

Works as advertised. Glad I bought 2 tubs when I did because I have not seen it since. New Assasin feels better and lasts longer I believe.


First time I hit this mofo I was in outer space !!! Dark labs you son of a ****** you did it agian !!

Adam Moors
Strong PreWorkout!

It’s good, feels clean, not a heavy crash after. I’d recommend any inexperienced users to start with only half scoop, this stuff is strong!

Chase rose

This is such a strong pre it literal had me buzzing for hours. The downside of it is very little pump, bad flavor and a major crash about 3hrs post workout

Christopher Bautista

This preworkout is insane extreme focus the preworkout lasts the whole workouts and the pumps are insane