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Flame Pre Workout

From the creators of Crack Pre Workout, Flame Pre Workout has arrived. Dark Labs Flame is a complete stim junkie pre workout that arguably hits even harder than the infamous Crack.

With more hard-hitting stimulants like Alpha Yohimbine at 1.5 mg and Hordenine at 75 mg, Flame Pre Workout is a stim junkie's paradise. 

Get ready for one of the most hardcore experiences available.

What you can expect from Dark Labs Flame Pre Workout

  • Crazy Energy
  • Laser Focus
  • Immediate hit

Dark Labs Flame Ingredient Label

How does Flame Pre Workout compare to Crack?

  • Flame has 75 mg of Hordenine for overall better endurance/performance.
  • Flame has 1.5 mg of Alpha Yohimbine for a harder hit and fat-burning effect.
  • Flame has 10 mg for better absorption throughout the intake process.
  • Flame has 300 mg of DMHA for a similar or possibly better focus experience than Crack
  • Flame has 500 mg of Eria Jarensis for Mood Elevation and Euphoria during the workout.

FDN Flame Pre Workout Review

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Jason Bennett
Best PWO Ever

This is possibly the cleanest energy PWO I have ever tried. No jitters, just uplifting, floating, feeling of wellbeing and energy. Much better than Crack (special edition is the only one I've tried).

Lukas Wadkins
Flame pre workout

Was sent the wrong flavor, but nobody uses pre workout for the flavor anyways. This pre gave me a thermogenic effect along with long lasting energy and some mood elevation as well.

Steve Walker
Hold Your Breath and get ready!

Great Preworkout! Just be sure to take in the morning! If you plan to take after 2pm, plan on a steepness night!! This product gives you energy you most likely have never experienced in your life....


Flame is one of the better pre workouts. it doesn't make your face tingle and there's no crash from it. It keeps you going all day. Not one to take at night.


Flame Pre Workout