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Imperial Nutrition Excelsior Pre Workout

Excelsior Pre Workout is one of the most infamous pre workouts of all time, known for its intense energy boost and relentless focus. Essentially a Stim Junkie's paradise, a scoop of this pre workout will have you climbing up walls.

What you can expect from Excelsior

  • All-day Energy
  • Crazy Focus
  • Minimal/No Crash
  • Significant Appetite Suppression

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Jacques Al-Sayed
Excelsior really does excel

Holy cow Excelsior is amazing - very different from other pre workouts I have tried; more mentally stimulating and it takes longer before it kicks in but once it does it elevates your mood and provides both mental and physical energy.

Jeff Rickett JD

2 jars, week 3 now, tried a lot of dosing and different times to take it. My take, it’s a strange pre workout, watched TJs review, it seemed better as a morning energy all day focus appetite suppressant imo. Since it is suppressing appetite, there’s got to be something good in it not on the label. I never did “fly” or get “tunnel vision”, at any quantity, pre workout or as a morning starter. 1/2 or 1 scoop was sufficient to start the day for energy or focus. Didn’t try more. For Pre workout: 1/2 scoop, no affect. 1 scoop, good energy, focus was there, but not flying, not tunnel vision, it is not craze/Jacked/frenzy. 1.5 scoops made me feel mildly ill, bit nauseous with a mild heart race and jitter, not a great feeling. Tried couple more workouts at 1.5, and they were better, maybe I got used to it, awkward feeling went away, had focus, energy, desire to continue lifting all there. I settled at 1.5. Tried 2 scoops, never again, barely finished the chest/back supersets, had to pause a lot, made me feel jittery and anxious, not a pleasant feeling. Won’t do 2 caps again.

Wish I could have been flying like TJ - it didn’t happen for me, but maybe for you. Going to use it in the morning, 1 scoop, while it is too hot out for coffee. Good luck, hope that helps.

Jeff Rickett JD

Justin Barnhart
Excelsior Review

Great high stim! Focus, Drive, Good appetite suppressor (hours after workout). Not so heavy for pumps though. It didn't make me want to throw things around, but I did feel like I just had to keep going! Overall great pw. Supps Central got it to me QUICK fast as well. Thanks guys!

Nahum Brown
Great Preworkout

Works as it should

Todd LaFontain
Good stuff

Focus is great. Lasts for hours. Makes you sweat a bit and a little dry mouth, but the stim is extremely high. Take with a pump stack. Not for beginner stim junkies. Be in good health!