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Apollon Nutrition Black Tulip

At Apollon, the culture is built on a foundation power and strength. They also greatly value a strong passion towards the individual pursuit of beauty which can come in many forms.

Lifting heavy ass weights with perfect form for the ultimate one rep max.

Gracefully displaying your physique illuminated by blazing stage lights.

Staying true to your fitness journey with mental strength and consistency no matter what life throws at you. 

What you can expect from Black Tulip

  • Maximizes cardio & endurance.
  • Accelerates fat loss & lean gains 
  • Creates laser-like focus
  • Zero fillers
  • 100% Transparent Label

Supplement Facts

Black Tulip Thermogenic Pre Workout Supplement Facts

Black Tulip Thermogenic Pre Workout Reviews

*Beta Alanine - 3200mg: This ingredient, found in the pre-workout supplement, is known for its ability to buffer lactic acid, leading to improved endurance and reduced fatigue during intense exercise.

*Betaine Anhydrous - 2500mg: A performance-enhancing compound, betaine anhydrous has been linked to increased power output and may help reduce levels of homocysteine, which can interfere with muscle growth and fat loss.

*Tyrosine - 2000mg: This amino acid plays a role in the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline. It is included in the pre-workout supplement for its potential to enhance focus, mental alertness, and mood.

*Carnitine L Tartrate - 1000mg: This form of carnitine supports energy production by assisting in the transport of fatty acids into the cells' mitochondria. It is commonly included in pre-workout supplements to enhance exercise performance and support fat metabolism.

*Theobromine - 500mg: Found in cocoa beans, theobromine provides a mild stimulant effect, boosting energy, focus, and mood. It contributes to the overall stimulating properties of the pre-workout formula.

*Caffeine Anhydrous - 350mg: A widely known stimulant, caffeine anhydrous increases alertness, energy levels, and focus. It is a common ingredient in pre-workout supplements and can enhance physical performance and endurance during exercise.

*Eria Jarensis - 300mg: Derived from a plant, Eria Jarensis contains phenethylamine (PEA) alkaloids that enhance mood, focus, and cognitive function. Its stimulating properties contribute to the overall effect of the pre-workout supplement.

*Paradoxine - 200mg: Paradoxine, extracted from grains of paradise, has thermogenic and fat-burning effects. It may increase metabolism, reduce body fat, and improve exercise performance.

*ElevATP - 150mg: A patented blend of ancient peat and apple extracts, ElevATP enhances ATP production, leading to improved physical performance and exercise capacity.

*Caffeine Malate - 120mg: Caffeine malate combines caffeine with malic acid. It provides the energizing effects of caffeine along with the potential benefits of malic acid, such as improved endurance and reduced muscle soreness.

*Synephrine - 120mg: Synephrine, derived from bitter orange extract, has stimulant and thermogenic properties. It can increase energy expenditure, suppress appetite, and enhance exercise performance.

*GGB - 50mg: GGB, or Gamma-Butyrobetaine, is a precursor to carnitine synthesis, which plays a role in energy production. It may support increased carnitine levels and energy production.

*AstraGin - 25mg: AstraGin is a patented blend of Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng extracts. It is included in the pre-workout supplement for its potential to enhance nutrient absorption and overall bioavailability.

*Yohimbine - 2mg: Yohimbine, derived from the yohimbe tree bark, is known for its potential to support fat loss and improve athletic performance. It may also have mild stimulant effects.

*Alpha Yohimbine - 2mg: Alpha yohimbine, also known as rauwolscine, is a variant of yohimbine with similar effects. It may aid in fat burning and improve exercise performance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Per Rosen
Assassin Black Tulip

Assassin Black Tulip is an excellent product.
Enough said!

Sweaty Awesomeness

Apollon delivered another fantastic product with Black Tulip. Of course the flavor is not great, but that's pretty standard for Apollon products. You want something that tastes good? Buy a BCAA. Performance-wise though, you'll sweat like a fat kid at summer camp with this!
I use it on my cardio days and I'm drenched after 45 minutes of sustained endurance cycling. After I finish this container I'll be ready for more.

PEX theerapon kaopaiboon
Great energy

Great energy, sweat lime crazy but the taste..... Who the fuck give a shit about taste. Feel mood elevation.

Great feeling but nasty taste

Taste very spicy due to the black pepper also made me phlegmy due to the capsaicin in the pepper. Takes a good 20 min to kick in but other than that it’s a great pre workout
To feel the burn !