Apollon Stim Junkie Stack V2

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Hard hitting Fat Burner / Pre-Workout combo

Apollon Nutrition Chaos Fat Burner V3

Chaos from Apollon Nutrition is a strong every day fat burner for essentially anyone. Depending on the dosages, Chaos will hit incrementally harder.

Experience great appetite suppression without the overwhelming effects.

What you can expect from Chaos Fat Burner

  • Clean Focus

  • Solid Appetite Suppressant

  • Surge in Energy

Supplement Facts

FDN Chaos Fat Burner Review

Apollon Nutrion Hooligan Pre Workout V5

Each massive tub of Apollon Nutrition Hooligan provides you with either 40 or 20 servings – depending on how strong you want your pre-workout to be. Basically strong or STRONG AF. That being said, you should proceed with caution when using our new and improved formula.  Hooligan V5 is not your average pre-workout powder – it’s an extremely potent and intense powder that cannot and will not ever be matched.

When using Hooligan V5, you can experience an incredible surge of energy, maximum focus to provide a powerful mind-muscle connection, a sleeve-ripping pump, as well as the ability to enhance your strength.  This is not for beginners and especially from stimulant sensitive wimps who think anything over 300mg of caffeine is strong. With some of the most effective ingredients available today, this pre-workout powder will not disappoint. 

While one scoop is the recommended serving size due to the potency, it would be wise to start with half a scoop to assess your individual tolerance. Maybe even less if you've taken some weak garbage from "legacy brands."  You may be thinking to yourself, "Eh, I can start with the full serving – I can handle it.” 

That is until this commanding pre-workout knocks upside your head and says "LET'S GO MOTHERF$%^ER!  Again, heed our warning.  The profile found in this pre-workout is formulated for extreme potency and the "if a little is good, then more is better” way of thinking is not advised with this pre-workout powder.

What Makes Apollon Nutrition Hooligan V5 So Strong? It's stronger than V4 which caused hysteria in the supplement industry! V3 pissed everyone off. V2 basically torched the entire category. V1 was the biggest F%^& YOU to an industry full of "me too" garbage. We kicked our own ass with this version!

Are you still interested? Then step up and mix it up. Hooligan V5. We didn't compromise and we're here to DOMINATE. 

Hooligan Pre Workout Highlights

  • Maximizes power and strength
  • Accelerates focus and intensity
  • Increases blood flow and performance
  • Zero fillers
  • 100% Transparent Label

Apollon Nutrition Hooligan Supplement Facts

How is this different from V4?

The main differences between Hooligan pre-workout v4 and v5:

  1. 7 grams Citrulline Malate=more pumps (1 gram of additional L-Citrulline)
  2. 1 gram of Lion’s Mane=more nootropic effects
  3. More di-caffeine malate, the “extended-release” version of caffeine.
  4. 150 mg less caffeine anhydrous than v4.
  5. 500 mg more L-Tyrosine=more nootropic effects.
  6. 500 mg more Agmatine Sulfate=more pumps.
  7. 100 mg more Theobromine.
  8. 200 mg of Rhodeola rosea.

FDN Hooligan Pre Workout Review

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