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Hard hitting Fat Burner / Pre-Workout combo

Apollon Nutrition Chaos Fat Burner

Chaos from Apollon Nutrition is a strong every day fat burner for essentially anyone. Depending on the dosages, Chaos will hit incrementally harder.

Experience great appetite suppression without the overwhelming effects.

What you can expect from Chaos Fat Burner

  • Clean Focus

  • Solid Appetite Suppressant

  • Surge in Energy

Supplement Facts

Chaos Fat Burner Supplement Facts

FDN Chaos Fat Burner Review

Assassin Pre Workout V7 #ORIGINS

Assassin is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, pre workouts on the market. This pre workout hits pretty much instantly after use and the energy you get lasts for hours even after the gym. 

With over 1.5g of stimulants, Assassin V7 has one of the more loaded labels on the market. Not only the ingredients, but the dosages as well. If you are looking for an extremely hard-hitting pre workout, Assassin is the one for you.

What you can expect from Assassin

  • Relentless Energy
  • Euphoria
  • Laser Focus
  • Immediate hit

Supplement Facts

Apollon Stim Junkie Stack Supplement Facts

FDN Assassin Pre Workout Review

Customer Reviews

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Rogelio Fulinara
First try

This combo is fire… my body is literally fire when working out. Usually using GNC or other highly advertised supplements. That being said, these products are above those other products for stimulation. Proceed with caution but definitely worth looking at if you don’t believe what your using now is providing that missing stimulation you believe your looking for.