Phenta Plex Pre Workout

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Phenta Plex Pre Workout

Phenta Plex Pre Workout from ABL Pharma is the new Excelsior according to Fitness Deal News.

But now you do not have to pay the crazy price.

ABL Pharma Phenta Plex seems like a best nootropic pre workout contender.

Don't miss out!

What you can expect from Phenta Plex

  • Clean, Consistent Energy
  • Tunnel Vision Focus
  • Energy for the full day 
  • No crash

Supplement Facts

FDN Phenta Plex Pre Workout Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Keith Wildin
Phenta plex

Energy is good. Doesn’t make my heart pound out of my chest. Does provide a lot of focus. It’s not excelsior but I can see why some compared them too

Dan S
Nothing "special" in this. Good energy though

Dont buy this if you think youre getting a spiked product like excelsior. Its good clean energy but nothing illegal in it. Just because you saw a youtube video comparing it to excelsior. Not even close to excelsior. Good focus at half a scoop.

def 'something special' in this one...

Taste: like a pharmaceutical product
Focus: insane, too much focus lol
Feels more like some kind of drug than a preworkout 😅 def 'something special' in this one...

Jose Diaz
great pre but DONT BE A HERO

So, I haven’t tried the original excelsior but I have tried the original Craze by driven sports and I have to say that it feels identical. The only reason that I’m giving a 4/5 is because i feel that 1 level scoop was too much (I’m 205lbs). I had to sit down and wait an hour because the feeling was very overwhelming. After I waited however, I had an excellent workout.

Daniel Wieten
A Worthy Successor

Really good. Focus was on point, and compared to excelsior I felt I could go longer with my reps. BUT it doesn’t feel as “illicit.” I ordered a tub of excelsior from predator nutrition for a ridiculous price, and took it last night and even though it’s one of the newer diluted tubs, that feeling is the same. You just have to take a little more than usual. Despite that I do feel there’s something deeper in Phenta Plex. I’m gonna take a heaping scoop next time cuz the first time it was just slightly rounded. Either way, the fact that it doesn’t have any form of yohimbine and the beta alanine is barely noticeable makes it an automatic goto for me. I hate those dirty and shaky feeling pres.