Dark Energy Pre Workout - The Best Alternatives [Available Now!]

Dark Energy Pre Workout - The Best Alternatives [Available Now!]

Jun 24, 2023Supps Central Support

Introduction: The legend of Dark Energy Pre Workout

Maybe you are one of the fortunate that got to use the Dark Energy pre workout in the 2 years it was available, or maybe you just heard about it on a YouTube review. If you got to this post, you are probably one of the many who are searching for an alternative now that Dark Energy is gone (Or you can try and get on on eBay for $250(!) - without even knowing if you are getting the original). 

Dark Energy Pre Workout was a popular choice for many advanced pre workout users, but it has since been discontinued, leaving them searching for the best alternatives to help them achieve the same legendary mood elevation and sense of happiness that Dark Energy provided. 

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to the top alternatives to Dark Energy Pre Workout that are still available on the market. We'll provide you with a comprehensive analysis of each option, including their ingredients, formulation, benefits, and (if any) drawbacks.

What made Dark Energy 'special'

There's a lot of great high stim pre workouts out there. But there are only a few that throughout the history of this industry have garnered legendary status. Dark Energy is one of these. Users of Dark Energy Pre Workout loved the unique happiness it provided. Probably more than any other pre workout supplement ever created. Dark Energy's 'Happy' mood elevation feeling was so unique, that it was almost assumed that it had a secret ingredient that was not on label. 

Why was Dark Energy Discontinued? 

 Well, this is where the stories vary. Some will tell you that it was because it had 'DM*A' and some will tell you it is because it had 'extra' stuff in it. Our assumption is that the owners didn't want to push their lack too far and chose to just stop before someone stops them. Oh and there was an FDA raid on their factory :) 

What to look for in an alternative? 

We are going to keep it simple here. Lets start with the fact that what we are trying to help you with here is to find an alternative that will replicate the feeling of positive mood elevation and happiness that Dark Energy gave. The 3 alternatives we will outline below excel at positive mood elevation that is very notable. 

Top Dark Energy Alternatives

Option 1: Kilo Labs HYBRID Pre Workout

HYBRID is one of the 'happiest' pre workouts on the market today. There's no doubt that HYBRID has what it takes to be on this list. The combination of high quality DMHA and a simple and smart formulation will put you in a happy place

Option 2: Just Vibes GULAG Pre-Workout

Say goodbye to dull workouts and hello to a smile plastered on your face! GULAG's secret weapon is a potent dose of DMHA, carefully curated to unleash your inner comedian. Prepare to deliver knockout punchlines and show-stopping sets, all while keeping a grin wider than the Soviet Union.


Option 3: Dark Labs Crack Primal

Say goodbye to distractions and hello to laser-like attention. Crack Primal Edition's mind-blowing blend will awaken dormant brain cells, transforming you into a supercharged genius. Watch as complex problems become child's play and your thoughts race at lightning speed. This isn't just a pre workout; it's a mental revolution!

Summary & Disclaimer

We are NOT claiming that these 3 pre workouts have whatever Dark Energy had that made it special but if you are looking for a pre workout that will get you in a good place with a well beyond average euphoric feel, these three are where we recommend you start the journey! 

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