HyperMax Extreme Pre Workout

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HyperMax Extreme Pre Workout 

Performax HyperMax Extreme Pre Workout is one of the original stim junkie pre workout, and one of the most beloved good feel pre workouts out there!

And even now in 2021 hits hard with cool, clean energy and laser focus.

What you can expect from Hypermax

  • Great Focus
  • Clean Energy Experience for 2-3 hours
  • Good Pumps
  • Positive Mood Elevation
  • No Crash

Supplement Facts

Hypermax Extreme Pre Workout Supplement Facts

FDN HyperMax Extreme Pre Workout Review

Customer Reviews

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Solid Product

It definitely delivers a very nice pump, good focus, and solid energy for a 2h+ workout. The only area where I wanted more was that punch to the face that says “let’s get it!” It kind of creeps in slow and steady and stays slow and steady. I did give it a full rating due to its effectiveness in the areas listed above. Although I did want and expect more of a punch, the other areas are just very very solid.