Hooligan Pre Workout


Apollon Nutrition Hooligan Pre Workout V6

What Makes Apollon Nutrition Hooligan V6 So Strong? It's stronger than V5 which caused hysteria in the supplement industry! V4 pissed everyone off. V3 basically torched the entire category. V1 was the biggest F%^& YOU to an industry full of "me too" garbage. We kicked our own ass with this version!

As mentioned above, the precise mix of ingredients found in this pre-workout powder is what increases the strength and gives you BALLS to throw weight around like an animal.  This unique array of  ingredients work together to enhance the overall effect felt during your intense workouts. In fact, they may scare you and it's DMAA free. WTF RIGHT? 

Are you still interested? Then step up and mix it up. Hooligan V6. We didn't compromise and we're here to DOMINATE. 

Hooligan Pre Workout Highlights

  • Maximizes power and strength
  • Accelerates focus and intensity
  • Increases blood flow and performance
  • Zero fillers
  • 100% Transparent Label

Apollon Nutrition Hooligan Supplement Facts

hooligan pre workout label

How is this different from V5?

The main differences between Hooligan pre-workout v5 and v6:

  1. 8 grams Citrulline=more pumps (1 gram of additional L-Citrulline)
  2. 400 mg of Grape Seed Extract (for pumps)
  3. 100mg of CoffeeBerry for focus
  4. 200 mg more Theobromine.
  5. Reduced beta Alanine from 3500mg to 3200mg
  6. Rhodiola Extract increased to 300mg

    Hooligan Pre Workout Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Mark Cardona
    Very good

    The best!

    Bad ass pre workout

    Felt awesome no crash great flavour (mai tai) will try the other once finished from this one.

    Hristo Mihaylov/FCO/Ovation of the Seas

    Hooligan Pre Workout

    Jeff Yax
    Hooligan is as usual the best

    Hooligan as all Apollon products is top shelf. Energy lasts all day as does mood elevation.
    Supps Central is top of the heap in shipping , time and service. Thank you Ben

    Wile E coyote
    Makes this coyote howl

    Comes out of a good facility with great ingredients. I had a little bit of Eria.to mine.