Arez Titanium Pre Workout

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Arez Titanium Pre Workout

The original Arez Titanium is back!

We do not know for how long, but MHN has decided to bring back Arez Titanium so get yours before they are gone!

What you can expect from Arez Titanium

  • Hard-Hitting Energy
  • Great Pumps
  • Clean Focus
  • Delicious Flavors

Supplement Facts

FDN Arez Titanium Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Irvin Ayala

This stuff is CRAZY!!! Honestly one of the strongest pre workouts I have ever tried. If you in need of that energy Arez is definitely the one for you. After long shifts at work I pop 2 scoops of this stuff (which is the serving size) and I’m ready to go. This stuff could probably have you stop a train. (Don’t quote me though)

Kevin B

Not two scoops for stim junkie like me. 0.8 is sufficient otherwise i am uncomfortable. Good stuff. peace be w you all.

Phil Barcomb
Arez Titanium hits hard in a Good Way

Been in the pwo world since mid 90s so I've tried pretty much all the notables and OG formulas. I've also used the original Arez and Arez Titanium. This rerelease of Titanium reminds me of Dark Labs Flame but has a bit more pump and may be less jittery for newer users. Having a high heart isn't the greatest when you're shooting for volume or strength. If you're heart is beating too high, you'll get winded too soon for any good volume work. Also, that high heart rate will impede your strength/power sets because you can't summon the right intensity when your heart is already working too hard before you even get into the strength sets. So, this new Titanium hits you fast, but without the jitters. Since it hits fast, I'd start with a quarter scoop at home for smaller frame people and newbees and by the time you get to the gym, you can gauge how much more you may need from there without overdoing it to quick. On the taste, its light and good.

keith Whitchurch

AREZ Titanium

Aaron Tapiki
AREZ Titanium

Arez titanium pre is the most amazing pre I have taken .. it gives you the cleanest energy plus focus & does not make you crash this stuff makes you feel invincible best taken on an empty stomach for best results..💥1 scoop for focus 2 scoops hulk mode ..🦍 if you want to get shit done this is definitely the pre workout too get it will not let u down 💯