Best DMAA Pre Workouts 2020 - A List of The Top 5 DMAA Pre Workouts

Nowadays it's pretty hard to find a pre workout that hits. That gives you the pumps you need throughout your training session. DMAA is one of the best, if not the best, ingredients for these pumps. That's why we curated a list of the top 5 best pre workouts with DMAA in 2020. 

1.) Dark Energy Pre Workout

Dark Energy has become a household name at this point and is loved by nearly every stim junkie on the planet. The label on the Dark Energy is literally a stim junkie's paradise. With 60 mg of DMAA, 200 mg of DMHA, 6000 mg of citrulline malate and the list goes on, the Dark Energy label is one of the most loaded labels we have seen in recent years. And the label does the pre workout justice. Everything from pumps. to euphoria, to focus, Dark Energy has it all. One of the most complete pre workouts out there and is definitely worth a try if you have not used it already! The flavors for the Dark Energy include: Blast Research, Gummy Research, Purple Research, Rocket Research, and Rocket Research.

Link for Dark Energy Pre Workout:

2.) 1'3 Volt Pre Workout

The 1'3 Volt Pre Workout. A newer pre workout, but definitely one of the stronger ones of 2020. One of the big difference makers here is, of course, the DMAA. There is a total of 100 mg of DMAA, which is the most we've seen in a pre workout for as long as we can remember. So if you truly love DMAA, that 100 mg is a reason to try the 1'3 Volt Pre Workout all by itself. But the other benefits are great as well. The pumps are decent, focus is really nice, and the euphoria is definitely above average. Overall, a really solid pre workout/ "chemical compound." This pre workout is currently available in the Electric Island and Electric Purple Flavors. Both are okay. But if you're taking this thing, you're not really here for the flavors.

Link for 1'3 Volt Pre Workout -

3.) CRACK Pre Workout

The CRACK Pre Workout just came out recently, and Dark labs made sure it lived up to the name. They put in a whopping 60 mg of DMAA into their pre workout, and well, you can definitely feel it. For me, the pumps were absolutely insane. Literally one of the most intense experiences I've had with a DMAA pre workout. CRACK Pre Workout provides the drive to make you feel more motivated to go to the gym than ever. CRACK Pre Workout has three flavors - Rocket Tropical Punch, Very Dark Berry, and Orange Blast. Rocket Tropical Punch is the one I tried and it was a great flavor.

Link for CRACK Pre Workout -


Now I know this is a curveball but just hear me out. Despite Apollon Nutrition's newest formula not having DMAA, Assassin Pre Workout v6 is still one of the most hard-hitting pre workouts on the market right now. Assuming you're not fully in it for the DMAA, you should definitely try out Assassin Pre Workout if you haven't already. Assassin Pre Workout comes in two delicious flavors - Pineapple Mango and Firecracker Pop. 

Link for Assassin Pre Workout v6 -

5.) Leatherfaze Pre Workout

This is another pre workout that has been really popular lately. Leatherfaze Pre Workout has a little less DMAA than the CRACK Pre Workout (90 mg) but the rest of the label is just as loaded. These two pre workouts are very close in intensity so it's really up to what you prefer. Leatherfaze also has an immense amount of Beta Alanine but the label can only take you so far and this list is based on the experience. As for the flavors available, Leatherfaze Pre Workout has two - Green Apple and Strawberry Slaughtermelon. Choose your favorite flavor and hit the gym!

Link for Leatherfaze Pre Workout -

All of these DMAA Pre Workouts are great and you should try all of them at some point. Hopefully this list gave you a gauge of which ones to choose first or what would fit your style more. Below is another set of links for the DMAA Pre Workouts listed in this article. 


Dark Energy Pre Workout

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1'3 Volt Pre Workout

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CRACK Pre Workout 

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Assassin Pre Workout v6

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Leatherfaze Pre Workout 

Supps Central -

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