Best Pre Workouts 2022 - A List of The Top 5 Pre Workouts

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Best Pre Workouts 2022

Nowadays it's pretty hard to find a pre workout that hits. That gives you the pumps you need throughout your training session. That's why we curated a list of the top 5 best pre workouts in 2022.  

1.) Dark Labs Pre Workout

Dark Labs Pre-Workout - Supps Central

Dark Labs Pre Workout just came out recently, and Dark labs made sure it lived up to the name. For me, the pumps were absolutely insane. Literally one of the most intense experiences I've had with a pre workout.

Dark Labs Pre Workout provides the drive to make you feel more motivated to go to the gym than ever.

Dark Labs Pre Workout has three flavors - Rocket Tropical Punch, Very Dark Berry, and Orange Blast. Rocket Tropical Punch is the one I tried and it was a great flavor.

Link for Dark Labs Pre Workout -

2.) Assassin Pre Workout

Assassin Pre Workout V7 - Supps Central

Assassin Pre Workout V7 is still one of the most hard-hitting pre workouts on the market right now. You should definitely try out Assassin Pre Workout if you haven't already. Assassin Pre Workout comes in two flavors - Ninja's Carnage and Tiger's Blood.

Link for Assassin Pre Workout V7 -

3.) Zeus Pre Workout

Zeus Pre Workout - Supps Central

God Status Labz Zeus is no joke either. Although it comes in a different size tub, Zeus is still the same amazing pre workout.

It delivers on energy, pumps, focus, and more. It is very rare that people come back not enjoying Zeus.

All the stimulants you love coming together!

Link for Zeus -

4.) God of Rage Pre Workout

God of Rage Pre Workout - Supps Central

God of Rage is less of a hard-hitter than the pre workouts mentioned before. But that does not mean it is any worse. Centurion Labz created a high-quality everyday pre workout.

Energy and euphoria. Cannot go wrong. 

God of Rage is a great option for people who do not want to use super high-stimulant pre workout, but still want the awesome effects.

Link for God of Rage -

5.) Pre Stack Extreme Pre Workout

Pre Stack Extreme Pre Workout

Last but not least, Pre Stack Extreme by Fitness Stacks. This is probably the best alternative for the discontinued Dark Energy Pre Workout.

This does not have DM** but it still filled with all the ingredients you know and love.

Pre Stack Extreme is one of the best pre workouts for 2022 and of all time.

Link for Pre Stack Extreme -


All of these Pre Workouts are great and you should try all of them at some point. Hopefully this list gave you a gauge of which ones to choose first or what would fit your style more. Below is another set of links for the Pre Workouts listed in this article. 

Links for the Pre Workouts

Dark Labs Pre Workout 

Supps Central -

Assassin Pre Workout V7

Supps Central -

Zeus Pre Workout

Supps Central -

God of Rage Pre Workout

Supps Central -

Pre Stack Extreme Pre Workout

Supps Central -

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